Our Cypress Tree

The bald cypress, Taxodium distichum, is one of the most majestic trees in North America.  It is endemic to low lying, swampy and coastal areas of the southeastern US and Mexico and is a frequent host to Spanish moss.  There is an interesting stand of cypress on Old Erwin Road, just off of 751 in Durham.  While this tree prefers to have its ‘feet wet’, it will function well in any landscape and in urban street plantings just as long as it receives extra water in droughts.

Our tree is in a planter outside the side entrance of the restaurant and is a dwarf variety known as ‘Peve Minaret’.  It is just now leafing out at the end of March and will be growing actively during the next few months.  Why cypress?  It’s just that it’s our favorite tree.

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Harry Gallis is our senior wine and food advisor.
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